Lecture & Workshops

Food is at the heart of all Abitato Lectures and Workshops, along with sustainability and community. Contact us to arrange a personalized program for you or explore below to learn more about each theme.

Themes for online seminars and workshops:

Sustainable Farming

We focus on innovative approaches to organic farming that respect the earth and tradition with an eye on the future. Dynamic young startups and longstanding family farms demonstrate a range of unique ways to approach farming. Farmers Markets and shops form a vital link to community and a structure to support organic farmers.

Michelin Star Restaurants

Top Italian restaurants with a commitment to sustainability and socially minded culinary practice. Meet the uniquely talented Chefs offering solutions that support and improve their communities without sacrificing the art of gastronomy.

Prison Social Rehabilitation

Creative social rehabilitation for prisoners through agriculture and gastronomy. Training provides inmates with marketable skills, offering job opportunities and a new sense of hope and purpose.

Social Farm

Here we explore how sustainable agriculture and social work can be combined. We explore the ways in which an organic farmhouse functions as a people’s shelter, supporting victims of abuse, the disabled, and refugees.

A visionary approach to Italian food sustainability for those who want to gain insights for their own community and projects.